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August 19, 2008



oh dear, carley's obred. everybody watch out.
keep on workin' tessa, we all miss you in KC, and can't wait to see you sat. see you soon. smile for me, and try to find something to laugh at today. i'm sure zanny and mitchell should help with that. i miss ya.

Carley Deibler = )

yo tessa and family... its CARLEY!!!!! im obred... hope ur doin good. u look gREaT!!!


Hi Tessa and Susan,
We want to send good thoughts and prayers for strength, mercy and peace as you are there in Baltimore. We check the blog nearly every day and admire your strength and grace under fire. We are happy you are almost home.
Lots of love,
Cheryl, Simon and Penny dog

The Starks

Susan and Tessa
Big hump day, and hopefully Zanny and Mitchell are there now. You can do anything for 2 more days, then HOME!!! KC awaits your return on Sat. Hang in there.

The Starks

Grampi H..

Yeh!! its Wednesday. Just wondering what time Zanny and Mitchell will arrive today. Sure hope it will be a fairly good one for both of you. A tidbit of news I heard yesterday was that Gov Tim Kaine a possible choice for VicePresident for Obama grew up in Kansas City, graduated from Rockhurst HIgh School and was born in St. Paul MN. I'm working on one more pair of Navy shorts for Tessa. G. Delores

jim smith

It's Wednesday and Zanny and Mitchell are probably moving your direction as we speak. That should be a diversion. The next thing you know it will be Thursday. Then it is practically the weekend. You guys will be in KC in no time. Hang in there. One of life's little lessons at the Olympics yesterday. From complete dispair (Lolo) to complete elation (Shawn). It was quite a day. We are really proud of both of them. Take good care of that leg.
Love to All!!!


You can do this- I know it because I know you.
You can do this because you have done it and you are doing it now, every minute of every day.
This is a problem that you have, but this problem does not have you.
You are strong and your strength increases with every day, every millimeter.
You look at this situation and laugh to yourself: "Is that all you got for me?"

You are moments away from Zanny and Mitchell and then BWI and Kansas City and HOME and Kat and your cats and Abbey and Beth and Vis and your gardens and laughter and guitars and BRUUUCE! and quilts and coffee and your room and your bed and Sam and your Dad/hubby.

You are both Olympians, you are Jedi Masters, you are Dark Knights!

I love you and miss you severely-
Daddy Rob

(P.S. Go over to the Smith Family Times site for some local news)

Grampi H..

Hi Tessa: Sometimes it seems that life is not very fair, and I know you have had a whole lot of hurt. Keep in mind that you have world's best doctors and parents to help you and care for you, plus you are always in the thoughts of the MN gang. Some day when you are winning all of the volley ball tournaments you can look back on this as a bad dream, but what you will have accomplished will make it all worthwhile! The whole gang from MN will be looking forward to seeing you and Bruce this week end. Hang in there, you did this once before and we know you can do it again!!!! Grampi H.


Hey girls,
I'm feeling really emotional tonight thinking about the minute by minute challenges you are experiencing there in Baltimore. Keep up all your hard work, Tessa, PLEASE. I can't imagine how hard it is, but it will be SO worth it in the end. Know that we are loving you and missing you and thinking of you all the time. Can't wait to have our girls home this weekend. Big hugs to you both, Tessa and Susan, from me.

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