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August 20, 2008



i know, they're just SO amazing.

jim smith

You gotta love Abbey's comments.


hey, i'm missin' school too. tessa, i think you started a trend, here. i'm sick, and it stinks. knowing that you will be coming home in like, TWO DAYS! is making me feel better. i am so glad that mitchell and zanny could be with you for a while. hi mitchell! hey aunt zanny! keep working hard tessa, it'll be worth it in the end.

grandma Delores..

My mind is at ease now that Zanny and Mitchell are there to help the mood and get home. Wonderfull. G. Delores

jim smith

Zanny and Mitchell in the house. Can KC be far behind? Now Tessa is not the only one missing school. You could set up a classroom in the livingroom. Next thing you know it's Saturday and we all know what that means. Take good care of that leg.
Love to All!!!


Go Zanny! Go Mitchell! Oh Yeeea, that's what I'm talking about!
Do that voodoo that you do!
Thanks for swooping to the rescue like Han and Chewie flying in out of the sun at the Battle of Yavin:
"C'mon kid, let's blow this thing and go home!"
Love, Daddy / Uncle Rob

Carley Deibler = )

FIRST TO COMMENET!!!!! how u doin tessa??? u look like ur doing great!!! ill keep prayin for u even tho ur doin GREAT!!! ya soo email me bac at girlyprep22@aol.com

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