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August 22, 2008



Safe Travels today to all.
Have fun at the show tomorrow. We wish we could have been there. I'll play some slots for us in Vegas! Who knows..could win a few bucks. :)



We are getting ready to head out for our weekend road trip. We'll see you about dinner time, and we hope you have a safe and good trip home. Big news here is that Sam went to Valleyfair yesterday with his cousins and spent two bucks on one of the arcade games only to win a 4 Gb Ipod Nano with video. Lis and I saw Sonny Landreth on Thursday night and it was a great show - check out a band called the Iguanas if you get a chance, too. See you soon.



jim smith

Bring it on home. Get'er done. What a crew. I could not be prouder. Way to go you guys. Talk about hanging tough. They ought to put Tessa's picture next to that in the dictionary.
Hang'in in.
Love to All!!!

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