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August 16, 2008



don't worry kelly, i'm confused, too. too many supplies, people, and "see ya tomorrow"s. i wish i could see YOU tomorrow, tessa. i'm missin' you. keep up the good work.

Kelly G.

School started today! Boring as ever! What teacher do you have?! I have Ms.Ryan! She is kinda borinng but kinda of fun! First day of seventh grade and aready confused! :-(


Grandma DeloresH.

Great you are all together for the weekend. We are going up to Woodbury today to watch a concert by Nate's band. Should be good as they have been rehearsing a lot. We watched Olympics last night with Hannamans and Mellstroms after some lemon Pie here at our house. Hope the coming week will go well. We can't leave here next Saturday until about noon. Wondering what time you will be getting home. G. Delores


Only one more week! Can you believe school starts tomorrow? I am NOT ready for it. Also, if there is any homework, do want us to pick it up for you?

Let me know,

jim smith

Everyone is looking good.
Love to All!!!

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