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August 17, 2008



Hey Tessa! School started! OMG! Mrs. Smith is so cool! She's young, cool, and she has a lot of sarcastic moments. Emily (Taylor) is your "sick" buddy, so she is collecting all you homework. I can't wait untill you can come home! Also, I'm altar serving on the 23rd at 4:00 PM, and I got the 23rd and the 22nd mixed up, so sorry about that.

I'll see you in 5 days!


Glad you had a chance to be together for the weekend and the trip home for Rob and Sam was good. Hope this week goes well. Grampa and Grandma came up yesterday and we all went to Nate's band show at the Woodbury band shell. They had about 75 people there and put on a pretty good show.


jim smith

Monday morning. Not much going on. Glad Rob and Sam made the trip home OK. Take good care of that leg this week. Zanny and Mitchell coming for the home bound trip will be good. Now if we could just find some Olympic judges who had actually seen a gymnastics competition before we'd be all set. Hang in there.
Love to All!!!

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