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June 15, 2011



Tessa you look so pretty! Missing you a ton!

Sarah Dickens

Tessa - you look like you are recovering fabulously! You are definitely an old pro at this. Maybe you should write a book to help other kids get through this as well as you have!
Good luck with your physical therapy!

Brad Stanley

You are looking great! The new ratchet device looks less cumbersome (and hopefully less painful) than the external device. There are a lot of people pulling for you back in K.C.! Your Dad has kept us informed on your progress and (as you might expect) he is very proud of his little (kinda) girl. Get well soon.
The Stanley's:
Brad, Susanne, Clay, Tyler and Pete

Sharon Lahr

Oh great! Now I have to go get a cupcake!!
Seriously...you guys know how to make the best of a situation!!


Hey, guys! We got back to KC late last night. Harry Potter World would be a distant memory now if it weren't for the humongous blisters on the bottom of my feet, and the fact that the boys duel about every 5 minutes with their new wands. So it is back to a routine life for us as well. Thanks for sharing your daily activities with us. It is comforting somehow, on this end, to be able to visualize where you are and what you are doing each minute of the day. stay strong! Love you! Z


I think the measurement device looks like something out of Star Trek. And that you guys got a lot of dessert. (I fully endorse this, by the way.)

You continue to inspire, Tessa.

Jim (Grampa) Smith

Tessa, I love that this is working. That old picture of the cage still gives me the willies. I am really glad that thing is gone. Keep up the good work. We are all so very very proud of you. Love to All!!! GS

Kim Turner

Tessa, You are such a strong young lady. Haley (my 9 year old daughter)is following your blog. I think that is wonderful because one of the most important things to me is to show her examples of strong hard working young ladies and Hillary Clinton of course.lol:) I love seeing your happy smile as your dad takes pictures. Keep up the smiles and hard work.
Kim Turner


You all sound like everyone is doing wonderful ! I know it is hard to get a routine going and get it all done and still have time to make some fun of the experience. Tessa - you are doing fantastic ! Mom/Dad - you are so fortunate to have the ability to share the time with a teenager and help so much with her cares. Everyone keep the spirits up - you are making progress !!!

Mr. C

You're a good man, Mr. Smith. Sounds like. Both of you are doing a great job of making the best of it. Just like any Dad, you are Semper Fidedlis- as the Marines would say. I try to squeeze in what little Latin I know for Miss T.

Enjoy this bonding time together. Go watch E. T. so you can watch a film about Elliot. Then go watch Super 8 and catch the similarities to E. T. Have fun and laugh together, it's all that matters!

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