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June 13, 2011


Diana Edwin

I love seeing you standing up! You look gorgeous in that dress too.

Kent Press

congratulations on the successful surgery and progress afterwards. If you'd like, when you get back to KC, you can continue rehab by helping me in the backyard doing things like cutting the grass, mulching flower beds and trimming trees. I promise it will be fun. No kidding. Let me know. Seriously though, we are very happy all is well and the Press' wish you continued success in your post op care and rehab.


Tessa you look wonderful, so pretty in your dress! Congrats on your great progress, your hard work is paying off!

Mr. C

Tessa ahead of the curve? Tessa doing better than expected? I believe it!

Grace Heitmann

Whooo hoo go Tessa!! You'll be home before you know it! And I like the smiley face on your leg. (That is a smiley face, right?)

Jim (Grampa) Smith

Way to go, Tessa Jean. You are looking fantastic. Love that you are standing and smiling. Love to All!!! GS.

Delores Herzberg

Looking good Tessa, Nice to hear of the progress you are making. All that personal training paid off. I'm pleased that we drove you out to one of your sessions. Must have been last January or February. You are beautiful in that dress and look more and more like your Mom. Grandma, Delores

Sean Hostetter


Way to go! Keep up the hard work! Very proud of you.

Love- Sean, Sarah, Sophia & Sayla

Sandy Wirtel

I love the dress, too. And you look fantastic! I have to admit--much better than I thought someone who just had surgery and was undergoing painful stuff would. Congrats on the muscle strength, too. Impressive!


Look at you up and standing !!! WOW ! It just shows how much you have worked to make the most of the situation. Keep up the good therapy! I am impressed with your determination !!! What a great Jedi pic !

Cheryl Knopf

so happy for you Tessa!! This is great news!
P.S. You look beautiful. Love your dress :)

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