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June 07, 2011



Brianna, why is there no "like" option beneath that comment? What the devil is going on hereeee???


Tessa, you're so cool and you're totally awesome!

Jennifer Blanck

Hey Tessa -- just checking in on you from work and I'm glad to see your Dad is keeping us up to date. Private rooms are much nicer, don't you think? I must say, your yellow blanket looks like it's holding up well. You should have seen (and smelled) Anna's little teddy bear by the time she was your age. Come to think of it, you can! She still has it. Hope you're feeling OK today and all those awful NURSES are not irritating you today. You know how they are.

Cayle Fuller

Nice to see the picture of Tessa resting so peacefully! You will continue to be in our prayers Tessa Jean! So so glad you are finished with surgeries!!!!!!!!!! July will be here soon! Love you. Cayle

Dorothy Granada

Tessa, Sending healing energy and warm hugs from Matagalpa, Nicaragua.
Dorothy Granada

Cheryl Knopf

oh, she looks so peaceful. YAY! And to have the quiet of her own room is a huge blessing. Glad things are going well. Will continue to pray and send good thoughts your way.


Love you and your binks!! Get some rest and recoup. You have had a long day, my punkin.

stacy page

Great news! Hope the rehab goes smooth and fast.-Stacy


Glad to hear it is all over ! Nothing but better from now on. Hope you all get some rest and get on with healing.

Sharon Lahr

She looks soooo peaceful...may she know a smooth and easy recovery. S

Grace Heitmann

Yeah you go Tessa!! We are still thinking of you and so glad everything went well! Just think of it this way- no more operations! Whooo hooo!!

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