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June 12, 2011


Sharon Lahr

Tessa, you look so good!! It looks like you might be able to be much more comfortable than four years ago when you had that big cage around your leg. Hang in there!! The worst is behind...the best is ahead!!

Kate Needham

Stay strong Tessa!

I've got the pictures of the last two years' MOJCL shirts up on your Facebook wall. Maybe getting your creative juices flowing will take your mind off things! If you're still feeling up to designing the shirt, that's awesome! But I know you're dealing with a lot, and if you want to just focus on feeling better, you should absolutely do so and the rest of us can worry about the shirt. Just let me know!


"When I rule the world, I'll plant flowers...."

"You know, they don't even have dances at Pigfarts. All of the noise would disturb Rumbleroar's slumbering cubs."

"I can't GO to Pigfarts, it's ON MARS! You need a rocket ship! Do YOU have a rocketship, Potter? I bet you do. You know, not all of us inherited enough money to buy out NASA when our parents died!"


"Did your turban just sneeze?"

Thinking of you! Lots of love!


Glad you got the "bad couch" thing fixed. Comfort is very important at this point I would guess. We are just chilling today for awhile too. Miss you punkin! Heal lots today.

Carla and Erin Trainor

Hi Tessa. Erin and I here. I know you are a terrific artist. We are both wondering if you have your drawing pad and pencils with you. You look great. Erin and Carla

Kelly Hostetter Thomas

You are looking good, Tessa! I know you probably don't feel it, but you look pretty, as ever! As Billy Crystal used to say on "Saturday Night Live" as Fernando, "It is better to look good than to feel good". (Way before your time, but you can jog your dad's memory with that one!). Hang in there! Good luck with physical therapy! Love from the 'Brits'--Kelly, Hugh, and Eric X O

Jim (Grampa) Smith

P.S. Great hat , Sam!!!

Jim (Grampa) Smith

I hope the pain is getting better, Tessa Jean. Hang in there. I'm sure the outcome will override the ordeal.

Mr. C

Sounds like you're doing better than expected. Between your Dad's upbeat reports and the pictures catching you at odd moments, your "power vacation" seems to be going well!

Hope you can manage, what probably is almost unmanagable, as best you can. When youre finished though, you may have to ditch that Batman gear and pick you up some Supergirl stuff!


Sounds like things are going well! That fine line between pain control and conscious is a wonderful place to find. Getting out has to make everyone feel better. You are doing so fantastic fast !

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