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June 22, 2011



Looks like everyone is having a good time. Laughter is good medicine !

Grace Heitmann

I am jealous of you two! Have a blast up there Kathleen!

PS: Tessa, did you get the hug I sent along with Kathleen?

Sharon Lahr

This morning I heard U2 was playing Baltimore and I just knew you two were going!!! Tessa, you look fabuloso! Thanks for the great updates!! Life is good!


Got to love that Maddi and they way she loves Tessa Jean. Thanks for all you did to cheer her up, Maddi. Tessa, have fun at the U2 concert. They are one of my favorites! Saw them a long time ago in Madison, WI. They gave an incredible show. You will have a great time.

Mr. C

Good to see you all having fun! Hope everything is going Tessa's way.

Cheryl Knopf

P.S. Props to friend Kathleen too!! Hope she makes it there safe & sound with no weather delays.

Cheryl Knopf

Oh, Tessa is doing so well!! I'm so happy for her and you all, too. What a great friend she has in Madi--to make the trip to cheer up her friend. Awesome!

Jim (Grampa) Smith

I love that all is going well. Tessa, you are the tops. Madi is one great friend. The end of this is in sight. Way to go all of you.
Love to All!!!

Delores Herzberg

Love all the pictures of the girls. So good that Maddi could make the trip.
Thanks for the update Rob. Grandma H

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