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June 08, 2011



Lovin the finger nails! Next time we're together we are painting our nails!

Drawing buddy:)

Tessa--you would look absolutely stunning in the midst of surgery:) i hope you continue to do well during this period! Good luck tessa!! You're in our hearts and prayers!!! Bailey


Tessa, if you do not utilize (and by that I mean excessively play with) those brightly colored toys/blocks behind you in this picture, I will be severely disappointed in you.


I completely agree with Abbey! You look so pretty, strong, and confident! And it's so good to hear you doing well! In my (weird) mind, you were still sleeping until the next update. So whenever I pictured you- you were still sleeping. To you get what I'm saying or am I just being my weird self? :)
Anyway, Lots of love! -G

Cheryl Knopf

Tessa, you are doing so great! And look how pretty you look just out of surgery :>) Will keep sending good thoughts and prayers your way. You'll be home in no time.
Hugs and kisses from Rhode Island


What a beautiful sight to see your leg WITHOUT the dreaded pins and cage! No pin site care! Much easier to get up and down! Dare I wonder?...showers with some privacy? No more awkward stares from strangers? You have got to feel so relieved about the new technology. Abbey is right. You are a beautiful sight! I'm missing you and loving you.


love the nail polish:)
so glad this wa the last one!!!

Pam Hostetter

I just read your Dads blog and I am still teary. What a heavy burden lifted off of you and I can't begin to express how happy I am for you and I am sure everyone that has been saying prayers for you and for your family all these many years feel the same way. You are loved by many
Tessa Jean! Aunt Pam


Look at those pretty legs!! Told you it wouldn't be long before you heard from me. =) So relieved to hear you're doing well!!!
p.s. you look so pretty, esp. in the last picture, despite having just gone through surgery. Now that says something. <3 ("greater than, three. Oh, it's a heart!")

Mr. C

Great news!Can't help but think of this picture when you said things were "rolling"

Time for you to start enjoying life again Tessa. Only good things are in front of you!

Sean Hostetter

We are so proud of you Tessa! You are an amazing young woman. Sending wishes for a speedy recovery your way.


Sean, Sarah, Sophia & Sayla


That is fantastic to be up in the wheelchair POD#1 !! Just think - another first that is down and done. Keep up the good work. I recall Mom going to therapy a surgery before so you are in seasoned hands! Best wishes for a good night everyone.


no leg lengthening operation in her future--woo hoo! hang in there--the final stretch. sending good thoughts to you all.

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