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June 09, 2011



yay!!!! Go Jeanie! You are amazing!

Katie Holt

Hey, Tessa, looking good! Do me a favor and find a bathrobe? And sing the song. And get video of it. Also, if you're asking for normalcy, I don't know why you're coming to me. I have a new plan for world-takeover.


That walker needs to be tricked out in THE WORST WAY. i hope it looks something like this in the future: http://25.media.tumblr.com/OlJ8ylM1DbonnpbvfA8sbJH6_400.jpg

Also, Hawkins will be SO PROUD of me for using a tumblr picture.

Shelby Hawkins

snazzy dress. i predict we'll all be wearing stuff like that in a month or so.

you trendsetter.

Madison Fitzgerald

I love how under 'important links' there is a link for Bruce Springsteen news! Stay strong Tessa and you look extremely tall in this picture :)

cayle fuller

Is Tessa really that much taller than the nurses?? or is she standing on something?? Wow... it just blows mind mind!! Tessa looks wonderful and I am soooooooooooo happy things are going so well! Yippee!!!

Kelly Hostetter Thomas

That is fantastic, Tessa! Way to go!

Sandy Wirtel

Way to go, Tessa!


This is TOTALLY AWESOME!!! I think I knew you'd be able to do partial weight bearing right away, but it's still reeeaaaalllyyyy impressive!!! Nice job!!

Kim Turner

Way to go! You look beautiful too!


Awesome progress, that is amazing! Keep up the hard work Tessa!


Congratulations ! It has to feel terrific to get up so soon. .. And partial weight bearing. You will be in therapy and progressing in no time ! You look good doing it too ! Congrats !!!

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