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June 19, 2011


Karen Murphy

Hey Tessa!

We met when I came to take pictures of your mom for the charity concert she chaired. She tells me you should be home by the end of the week - great news!

susan donovan

Rob, this is good. Just like all our Big Man, Boss, and E Street stories. Thank you! And glad Tessa is doing so well. Happy belated Father's Day, Dad.


Having a lifelong friend like Madi there had to give Tessa a big lift in her recovery. That's what friends are for. And a beautiful eulogy for The Big Man by Rob.

Jim (Grampa) Smith

I wish I had three friends as good as Madison is to Tessa. She is great. Assuming you can get past those awful ISU tee shirts she sometimes wears.
Love to All!!!

Kelly Hostetter Thomas

It's easy to see why he made such an impact on your lives. It's a personal loss to you and I send my sincere condolences. On a happier note, I'm glad you all got to be together for Father's Day. I hope you had a great one, Rob.


What a fantastic tribute ! Their music is so great.... What an awesome legacy. Glad everyone has a brief visit together. That had to be good for all.

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