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June 07, 2011


Jodi B

Stay strong, you are and have been such a great support for each other through all of these hard times. I admire your strength and courage Tessa, you have grown into such a beautiful young women through all of this adversity. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you recover from this final operation. Stay strong!

Cheryl Knopf

Continued prayers and good thoughts coming your way!! Keep your chin up Tessa! You've come so far. You are a strong and brave young lady. Hugs and kisses from us here in Rhode Island :>)

Delores Herzberg

This time it will be easier to recover, I just know that. You are strong and you know it always gets better as time goes by. You are so lucky to be in such a good place where they know how to fix a bad leg. Our thoughts are with you. Grandma H

Cayle Fuller

Okay... I would really like to see that thing Susan brought... a book is what she called it? Sounds interesting! The good thing about this latest trip to 'hell' is that you will never have to go back and visit again... THIS IS THE LAST TRIP! I have been to hell myself a few times and it is no picnic and as a friend of yours mentioned in an earlier post... as time passed I realized that all the hardships I have had to endure only made me stronger in the long run and it will for you as well! I am sorry you have to go through this again and I am looking forward to seeing you in July at the party... just hope I can recognize you!!! All the Fullers send their love and prayers for a fast recovery... minimal pain... and lots of fun entertaining things to do to help pass the time and chase away the boredom ...I am sure your Mom and Dad will see to that! Love you Tessa! P.S. Good advice about not using a napkin with Wasabi on it to wipe your eyes... I will file that little nugget of information next to the one about men not using the bathroom after they've picked a bunch of hot peppers from the garden!!!

Heather Tucker

I am so impressed by your courage and strength. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Looking forward to the next update and reading about your progress.

Sean Hostetter

Very emotional day for you and your family. We are all sending love and best wishes your way. Thank you for the update.

Mr. C

One day she'll look back at this hell she's been through and realize how strong she really is and how lucky she is to have her Dad standing beside her to guide her on her way.


Craig- Cinghale is in our building! Last night I got take-out from Della Notte for Tessa's special request, though.


we are praying for you guys and hope the post op is as smooth as possible. Check out Altmann's Deli on 1019 Lombard - awesome grub. Also, Cinghale 822 Lancaster is awesome - probably right around the corner from your apt.


Hang in there family !!! Surgery is so hard emotionally on everyone else with the waiting. I know you all will be so thankful to have this over. Sounds like Tessa is coping with it all. Let Susan know I also prefer those "retro" books !

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